Frequently Asked Questions

Why TrackMySubs?

TrackMySubs was created because like you, we find it frustrating to pay for forgotten subscriptions. We wanted a simple effective app for subscription tracking.  We hope it helps you as much as it now helps us.
Why do I have to put in my subscriptions manually? Can’t you find them for me? 
As awesome as that sounds, without looking at your bank statement, and then interpreting it correctly for the hundreds of thousands of possible subscriptions out there, we decided what we really wanted was a utility to manage what we wanted to manage. We don’t feel comfortable sharing our own bank accounts with strangers, so we didn’t want to create TrackMySubs that way either.
How do I find all my current subscriptions so I can add them to TrackMySubs?
A great way to start subscription tracking is to look through your latest bank and credit card statements and to check your email account for receipts. You’ll often get emailed a receipt from your subscriptions each time it renews. Keep in mind that your financials will not indicate whether you have signed up for a trial that hasn’t converted yet. However, many of our users have told us that just by going through this process they identified subscriptions they didn’t want and cancelled them immediately. Once you have added as many subscriptions as you can find, it’s just as important to enter new subscriptions as soon as you sign up to them. That way, your subscription tracking isn't missing anything and you never have to worry about forgetting about them again.
Can I use TrackMySubs to track payments other than subscriptions?
Absolutely. You can use TrackMySubs to track and manage any recurring payments. So, you can put in your gym membership, monthly car insurance, or even a reminder to pay for those anniversary flowers. You can set it up for any payment cycle.
How many subscriptions can I track?
The number of subscriptions you can track depends on your plan. Check out our pricing page for more details to get started with your subscription tracking.
Can I set a default alert?
Yes. You can set a default alert in the account settings. This makes things really easy when entering in subscriptions. You can choose the default alert when setting up each subscription so it's best to set your default alert before you start.
Can I send an alert to someone else?
Yes, you can set additional contacts who can receive scheduled alerts. The number of contacts depends on your plan. Check out our pricing page for more details.
Can I decide what time alerts get sent?
Yes. In the account settings, the time for the default alert is used for sending all of your alerts. 
I have a mobile/cell phone which has a monthly payment, but a two-year contract. I don’t want to get alerted on my monthly bill date, but I do want to know when my contract is due to expire. Can I do this?
Definitely. On each subscription there is a contract expiry field. Simply choose the date and you can then create an alert based on the contract expiry date. This is great to be able to track the monthly cost, but only get alerted when it is time to get a new phone or contract.
How do folders work?
Folders are great for keeping subscription tracking. For example, you can create a folder for 'entertainment' and put all your Netflix, Pandora, iTunes subscriptions in that folder. You can call your folders anything you like. The reports will display based on your folders so you can see how much you are spending on entertainment, business, or any other folder you may create. The number of folders you can create depends on your plan. Check out our pricing page for more details.
How does it handle different currencies?
You can set your preferred currency in your account settings. When you create a subscription, you can put in its currency and TrackMySubs will display the daily conversion rate equivalent in your preferred currency. So, you know what you are really paying. We have over 160 currencies available, including crypto currencies.
​Do reports take into account that my subscriptions are in different currencies?
Yes. The reports convert all foreign currency values to your preferred currency, so the values shown make sense.
​Can I associate my subscriptions with a credit card or PayPal?
Yes! We have a payment method manager where you can set your payment types (eg. PayPal, credit cards, direct debit etc.). You can then assign your subscriptions to that payment type. This is very handy when your credit card is expiring and you need to know which subscriptions to update. The number of payment types you can create depends on your plan. Check out our pricing page for more details.
​Can I create a link to my subscriptions homepage?
Yes. There is a field in each subscription where you can enter a URL. When you receive alerts, the link will be included so you can click on it and go straight to the subscription website to take action if you need to.