Editing and Updating Subscriptions

How to update your subscriptions

If you have added a new subscription to your Track My Subs account, you’ll want to complete filling out all the relevant info, or you’ll want to keep your subscriptions up to date.

To do this, click on the down facing arrow to the right of the subscription in your list.

Please see the field definitions below to help you complete the setup of your subscription.

Company: The name of the subscription provider eg: Spotify, RAC Insurance, Optus etc. Don’t add any descriptions here, just the company name. You can add any additional info under the next field ‘Description’.

Description: Enter in a description of the service the provider is giving you.
Eg: Netflix are providing a ‘streaming service’, the RAC might be providing you with ‘car insurance’ or ‘roadside assistance’, and Verizon might be providing you with a ‘mobile phone service’.
Write a description relevant to your subscription.

Frequency/Cycle: Frequency is the number of cycles per billing period.
Cycle refers to the time period; ie; week, month, etc.


1) If you are billed every week you would put ‘1’ and select cycle ‘weekly’. You are billed once weekly.

2) If you are billed once every three months you would put ‘3’ and cycle ‘monthly’. You are billed 3-monthly.

3) If you are billed once every two weeks you can select either ‘2/weekly’ or ‘1/fortnightly’.

4)If you are only billed once per year then you would select ‘1/yearly’.

Value: This is the amount in currency you are billed per cycle.

Currency: Select the relevant currency for which the subscription provider bills you.
Eg: AUD, USD, EUR, etc.

Type: Select which option applies to you.  ‘Active’ for a normal subscription, and ‘trial’ for a trial subscription only. If you have selected ‘trial’ you can set an alert to notify you when the trial is about to expire. If you choose to continue with that subscription you can then update the type to ‘Active’.

Auto Renew: Does this subscription automatically roll over after the contract period ends, or does it expire. Select ‘yes’ if it rolls over and ‘no’ if it does not.
Some subscriptions will expire and you’ll need to resubscribe to them manually. Others will simply roll over into the new year without you having to do anything. Which applies to you?

Expiry/Renewal Date: This is the date for which your next payment is due.
This date will automatically update after each payment according to the frequency and cycle selected.

Contract Expiry: This is the date the contract is due to expire or rollover automatically. It is helpful to set up an alert to remind you of this date, so you don’t miss it!

URL link: This is the website address of the subscription service provider.
                                       Eg: Netflix would be www.netflix.com

Payment Method: How are you paying for this service? Select from the drop-down menu which option applies to this subscription. Please note these options are customisable (see how to customise payment methods).

The following are the default settings:

Paypal: Paypal is an online payment system. If you have a PayPal account you can pay for some subscriptions. Does this apply to this subscription?

Credit Card: Select this option if your credit card is automatically debited by the subscription service provider, or you pay manually with your credit card.

Bank Transfer: Select this option if the subscription service provider automatically debits your bank account or you have set up a manual/automatic EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) payment to the subscription provider.

Free: Select this option if this subscription service provider does not charge a fee for services provided.

Folder: Select the category folder you wish this subscription to be filed in. This is a helpful option for categorising your subscriptions. See ‘how to set up a folder’.

Notes: See ‘how to add a note’. Select the box ‘Include Note in Alerts’ if you wish to have a note sent with each alert. See ‘how to set up an alert’.