How do I change a subscription to a lifetime deal?

To change your subscription to a lifetime deal, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Open the subscription view
  2. Expand the subscription you wish to change
  3. Select Type and choose “lifetime”

You’ll notice that the form will change.  

The key fields to note are:

Purchase Price:  The once off price you paid for the service or product

Purchase Currency: The currency of the Purchase price

Purchase Date: The actual date the purchase was made.  This is important for calculation of savings.

Refund Deadline Date:  If there is an opportunity to get a refund, then this is the date that that the opportunity expires. This date is the only date that can be used to set an alert against for a Lifetime Deal.

Recommended Retail: These fields are the standard fields you would use if it was a subscription.  Enter in the standard pricing of the equivalent product here and TrackMySubs will calculate the savings obtained from the purchase date.    

The Lifetime Deal Savings report can be seen on the report page.