How to Add a New Subscription

We have a video to step you through this process here.   

Alternatively we have a step by step instruction below:

How to Add a New Subscription: 

1.  When you log into your TrackMySubs account you will see your subscriptions list on your main landing page. To start out, you’ll just see your new subscription to TrackMySubs.

To add a new subscription to your list, select the green button ‘+ New Subscription’.

2.   Fill out the fields as follows:

       Company: Type in the company name of the subscription provider, eg: Netflix or Synergy.

       Description: Add a short description of the subscription service being provided. For Netflix, you might put in ‘TV/Film streaming service’.  For a utility provider like Synergy you might put in ‘Electricity bill’.

Is this a trial?:  Select Yes if this subscription is a trial only and No if it’s a paid

A trial is usually free access to the service for a limited time. When you signed up to the service it should tell you the date that your free trial ends, and their regular service fee is applied. Some services will require you to resubscribed to paid service after your free trial expires.

3.   Select ‘Next’.

4.   Fill out the fields as follows:

Renewal date: Enter the next date you will be debited or the date your next bill is due. (Please note this date will update automatically each billing cycle).

       Billing cycle: Enter the frequency in which you are debited/billed for this service.
Eg1: Netlfix usually debit your credit card once per month. So frequency would be “1” and then choose “monthly”
Eg2: If you have a service that renews every 3 months, then frequency would be set to “3” and then choose “monthly”
Check with your service provider to see which type of billing you have set up.

       Does it auto renew: Answer YES if this subscription rolls over automatically, and NO if you need to manually resubscribe, or the service cancels at that time.
Eg: Netflix usually rolls over without you having to do a thing. Make sure you check each new subscription to see if it auto renews.

5.   Select ‘Next’

6.   Fill out the fields as follows:

       Cost: How much is the cost of this subscription per billing period.
Eg: If you are charged 12.99 per month by Netflix, this is the cost amount you would put in this field.

       Currency: Select which national currency you are billed in.
Eg: For Australia you would select AUD, and for America USD. Check which applies to you.

7. Select ‘Next’.

8. Do You Want To Set A Reminder Alert?

Yes. Use My Default Alert: Select this option if you have previously set up a default alert and would like to use it for this subscription.  You can setup your default reminder in your account settings.

Yes. Create A Custom Alert: Select this option if you wish to create an alert that applies only to this subscription. (See How to set up an alert).

No Thanks: Select this option if you don’t wish to set up an alert for this subscription right now.

9. If you selected No Thanks you will be brought to the final page for setting up a new subscription. If you’d like to set up another subscription, select ‘Add Another’. If you are finished, select ‘Close’.