How to Set Up a Contact

Below ae the steps to set up a contact:

  • Click on the drop-down arrow to open the subscription information.
  • In your subscription information select ‘Contact Manager’.
  • Select ‘New Contact’.
  • Enter in the name of the new contact you wish to create.
  • Enter in the email address associated with this contact.
  • Select ‘Save & Close’.
  • You can have multiple contacts.
  • You are now able to create alerts that get sent to your contacts. This is particularly useful if you receive regular payments from someone, and you need to make sure they pay you in time.
    Eg: your housemate pays half the internet bill, but the full bill is debited from your bank account every month. If you set your housemate up as a contact in TrackMySubs, you can set up an alert to remind your housemate to pay you a few days before your internet bill is debited. See ‘how to set up an alert’.