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The subscription economy is rapidly growing and we want to provide great content. We accept guest blog posts from writers interested in writing content relevant to our users and potential users. By reading the editorial guidelines and following their instructions, you will have the best chance of getting your content published. Thank you for your interest in TrackMySubs!

Editorial Guidelines

TrackMySubs Blog:

The TrackMySubs Blog is a platform built for the growth and transition to a subscription economy. Our site is most commonly used by web developers, IT consultants, and digital marketing agencies to manage multiple subscriptions for clients. Articles should be informative and relevant to these users.

Topic Submission:

Our blog is designed to generate traffic to our website. The traffic should be from visitors that will find value in our site and services. We only accept contributions that we think will have a good chance of being able to be seen by new users or add value to our current users.  

When requesting a guest post, please send a title/topic relevant to our site and users for pre-approval. (support@TrackMySubs.com) We may approve or suggest an alternative topic more valuable to our user base.  

Top Quality Blog Posts:

We are in search of content that adds value to the readers’ knowledge through its uniqueness, quality, informative ideas, depth of knowledge, and actionable style. Our readers want to see that the author has expertise in a given topic in today's subscription economy. Authors will be researched. They should have a legitimate biography with the appropriate credentials and employment. 

All posts must be well-written, researched, and authoritative. Our readers trust our site and the content we publish. We expect you to submit unique and original content.  

Keep in mind: 

  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. We will verify the uniqueness of the content on our end before publishing the article.
  • Content published on TrackMySubs cannot be published on other websites.
  • Length of the article must be between 800 – 1200 words.
  • Spell & grammar check the article 

We look forward to publishing good authors with relevant content. Following our guidelines and the instructions on this page will give you the greatest chances of a published post.  


We do not charge for backlinks. We are happy to include links when included in informative content that our users will find applicable. You may insert backlinks to relevant, trustworthy sites as long as it supports the topic. A maximum of two links to the author’s website will be allowed. Backlinks will be checked regularly and may be removed at any time when altered or content becomes no longer relevant.  


All submissions should be written and saved in Google Docs. Send the shared link to support@TrackMySubs.com when complete.  

Content Promotion:

We will respond with a live link if your content meets our editorial guidelines. We encourage you and your team to promote the article to your users and followers. We will share the best content through our email newsletter and social media.  


After submission of your content, we will review and make any necessary edits. Assuming your submission follows all the appropriate guidelines, we will add the piece to our blog. After publishing, we will email you a live link to the blog post. Any violation of the rules or poorly written content will not be published.  


All content submitted to TrackMySubs.com becomes the exclusive property of Chronim Investments Inc. We reserve the right to modify, edit, disseminate, distribute, syndicate, and remove content at any time.