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Why You Need An App Manager:

App Manager

I think it’s safe to say that we have reached a point in modern society, where our toolkits for living are moving online. Sure, you still need a hammer to bang in the nail, but you don’t need a rolodex to manage your contacts. You might need a flat head screwdriver for Ikea furniture, but you don’t need an accounting team to manage your invoices.

And with the world going online there is a wealth of new apps. Apps that exist only because of how immersed in the online world we are. Think about it. If you’ve got a website, you probably have a smorgasbord of apps and online tools to go with it.

Tools for creating forms, email automation apps, CRM software, accounting software, apps designed to help one app integrate with another app, and apps for streamlining business processes. We are app crazy. How do you manage all of it? Do you even know what you have going on anymore?

Even if you don’t have a website, you are likely to have at least a few recreational apps for music, streaming movies, games, software, you name it.

You probably have dozens of monthly subscriptions flying out of your account maintaining all these apps. But there’s just one more app you need to get. An app manager.

And you need an app manager because:

a) presumably you’re in the business of saving money. I like money. I bet you do too. And I bet you hate putting in hours of work to find you’re still short at the end of the month. How does an app manager help?

Well, if your app manager knows what it’s doing, it tracks all of your apps so you know at all times what you have coming out of your account. It also reminds you which apps you don’t use anymore. A good app manager can send you alerts when your free trial is over. A good app manager can tell you when you’re up for renewal.

And when you know what apps you’ve got expiring or rolling over, you know which ones to cancel so you can quit paying for stuff you don’t use.

b) you can’t remember when all those direct debits are going to hit your credit card. Yeah, that’s right. Because you’re a normal person, you signed up for a variety of online tools as you needed them. You didn’t just rock up one January 1st, and sign up for everything you could possibly need for all time.

That would be lovely wouldn’t it, if you could just bolster your credit card on the last day of every month, and know you’ve got it all covered.

But that’s not how it works. We sign up for apps as we need them. We have payments debiting all over the month, and in order to keep our credit top notch, we need to have money available. Your awesome app manager can be set up to remind you of every single payment due to come out.

Your app manager should be customisable, so you can set up detailed alerts to ensure you don’t miss any payments and keep your bank happy.

c) you have more than just app subscriptions coming out of your accounts. If your app manager is comprehensive it’ll have a reports function.

This function will show you just how much of your money you spend on apps every month. It’ll show you how much is left owing for the month. And it’ll have a handy chart so you can see right there how much of your money goes where.

And because your app manager lets you log all your other outgoings, you can create categories and compare all your expenses in one place. Imagine being able to compare the amount you spend on recreational apps to your business apps. What about your utilities to your business tools? An app manager with a reports function is an invaluable tool.

TrackMySubs is precisely the app manager for the job. If you’re not managing your apps with a custom designed system, it can easily get out of hand.

Think of how many free trials you’ve signed up for. How many times have you committed to a 12-month subscription only to discover 3 years later you’re still paying for it and you stopped using it after a month?

All these little costs add up. An app manager like TrackMySubs has got your back. It’s easy to configure, and you only have to do it once. Then you can easily add and remove apps as you go.

This is the app manager that works like your virtual tool box. Take a look inside and see what you have, what you’re using every day, and what can get tossed in the bin. A real tool box keeps your home organised, and an app manager keeps your brain and your wallet organised.

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