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How to Use Email Marketing to Help Your Subscription-Based Clients

Marketing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or other subscription-based platforms and products can be tricky. There are countless apps, products, and services out there offering seemingly similar service features to potential customers. How do you differentiate a brand in such a saturated market if you rely on email marketing? Data suggests that 54% of marketers use email marketing […]

How to Master Workflow Management

Photo by from Pexels Managing complex business processes is without a doubt a great challenge for all organizations because of all the complexity. In fact, the American Institute of Stress claims that occupational pressures and concerns are the number one source of stress for American adults, with about 46 percent of them experiencing this […]

Fear of Loss

Do you have any subscriptions you don’t actually use that you just keep renewing? Have you ever asked yourself why? A TrackMySubs customer recently told me he was listening to a podcast I was featured on, and he said he had a moment of realisation. The realisation was that ‘fear of loss’ was keeping him […]