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How to Cancel Audible

Hey, I love my audio books as much as the next person, but if I’m not actually listening to them then that’s $14.95 down the tube every month for my Audible subscription. Unfortunately, I’m not lucky enough to have the sort of life where I can cobble together 8 uninterrupted hours every month to listen […]

Remind Me Again. When Is It?

Because I forget all the things. Constantly. And maybe if there weren’t so many things to remember then I’d be okay. But this is the world with which we must cope. It’s gone beyond remembering your mother’s birthday and your wedding anniversary. And that was hard enough, right? I’m a classic for forgetting the due […]

Just Let Me Cancel It!

It’s a simple request. I just want to cancel my subscription. I might not have much of a life, but I still don’t want to spend the rest of it rifling through virtual paper just to cancel a service. We know why it’s not simple. Vendors don’t want you to cancel. Cancelling is the opposite […]